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Awkward Breed Custom - alcohol ink holo finish

An organism grown from rough, compressed friction fuzz. The Awkward Breed's grainy nature develops with your input. High output pick-ups will give you a thick long sustain, whereas a lower pick-up output offers a shorter staccato style fuzz, reminiscent of a dying battery. It's also capable of synth like textures when used with a bass guitar.

The Awkward Breed is an articulate fuzz that has a variable sustain based on the input volume. Higher output pickups and harder picking will result in a thicker longer sustain where as reducing the input volume by having lower output pickups or rolling your guitars volume knob back a little will cause the Awkward Breed to produce a fuzz tone with a shorter decay and even spluttery dying battery sounds.

One of a kind alcohol ink finish with screen printed graphics. The finish on this pedal is incredibly hard to capture with a camera. As you tilt the pedal in your hand the finish changes from deep black and red alcohol ink with to a subtle orange glow with dark pink print.


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